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Wholesale Price Per Unit:

Original price was: £3.50.Current price is: £2.00. exc VAT

Our wholesale masks have now been reduced and can be purchased in bulk with a minimum order quantity of 100. Due to the level of reduction, we cannot accept any returns or customer service associated with these orders. All masks are brand new and are packaged as normal. 

MOQ = 100

Next day delivery for wholesale orders submitted before 2pm.

Note: Non-Returnable Hygiene Product. Please make sure that you have checked the measurement information and selected the right size, as we are not responsible for the wrong size being selected.

Depending upon the supply of elastic during production, the ear loop colour may change. This ensures a constant flow of production for this high demand product.

Sizes may vary slightly due to our bespoke manufacturing process and materials used.

  • 82% Cheaper than disposable masks.*Disposable Mask: 70p per wear **MasksUK Reusable Mask: 12p per wear
  • Help to reduce the spread of the Covid-19 Coronavirus
  • Help the NHS and medical services by not buying the masks that they desperately need!
  • Nanotechnology coated layer for maximum protection
  • Re-usable and can be washed up to 100 times. Saves money and the environment!!
  • Ethically sourced fabrics
  • UK Based Company
  • Low-profile, sleek pattern design that hugs the face and isn’t bulky

*Based on the average online selling price of disposable masks.
**Based on the highest RRP when purchasing a single mask.

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Nanotechnology coated 3-layered 100% cotton face masks (Face Coverings/PPE) that help to filter the air and guard against droplets that enter/leave through your mouth and nose, which help to reduce the chance of spreading airborne and droplet illnesses. Our masks are machine washable up to 100 times. The outer layer uses cotton nanotechnology for ultra water resistance, and the inner layers are breathable and moisture-wicking cotton muslin cloth. Available in men’s, ladies and children’s sizes and 4 colours.
We are a UK based company and we converted our tailoring company manufacturing facilities to join the effort to increase PPE. Our masks are not intended as medical-grade masks. There is a global shortage of these medical masks and they need to be available for the frontline medical staff who are actively working to save lives every day. This is a great reason to buy a quality alternative.
These masks are an excellent alternative and with Nanotech coating they are far superior to many of the plain cotton masks that are being sold right now. Nanotechnology is a water resilient layer that prevents droplets filtrating both in and out of the mask. Reusable/washable up to 100 times makes them cost-effective and environmentally friendly.
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